About us

Our purpose is to support research about stomach cancer.

Unfortunately, stomach cancer is neglected when it comes to research financing, both in Sweden and internationally. In Sweden, 3 % of the cancer deaths are caused by stomach cancer. The Swedish Cancer Society (Cancerfonden), which is the largest and most important financing body for cancer research in Sweden, channels around 1 % of the grants during 2015 to research about stomach cancer.

Internationally, the research grants are also neglected – see the image to the right, that shows international research financing to different cancer diseases, in relation to the number of deaths in the world.

The Swedish Gastric Cancer Research Foundation does not aim to compete with the Swedish Cancer Society regardin who supports cancer research with the highest amounts of money.

We exist for you who want to donate funding specifically to research about stomach cancer.

The foundation is a non-profit organization with low administration costs. Since the start, all administration costs have been paid by dedicated grants from board members or others who want to specifically fund the administration. The donations you provide will therefore at a very high degree be made useful for the research project we support.