Donation in memory of Bertil Bystedt

The foundation has been given a donation in memory of Bertil Bystedt. Thanks to the generous gift, the foundation can finance salary costs for a postdoctoral scientist in Gothenburg, Malin Östensson.

Bertil Bystedt was born in the county of Ångermanland, close to the Swedish High Coast. He moved to Stockholm for studies at the Royal College of Music, were he graduated as a music director and a violin pedagog. He had an artist’s soul, but chose broader areas of study than the violin soloist’s. Instead, he thrived in the role of the pedagog, for example as principal for cultural/musical schools and as a director for different choires and orchestras. The last 40 years of his life he lived and worked mainly in the Stockholm area.

Throughout his life, he was modest and curious towards life-long learning and personal development, both in his profession and as a human being. A quote he often used was:

The more you know, the more you realise how little you really know.

Bertil Bystedt was loved by his family, relatives and his many friends. His personality was that of a dreamer, but he was also human-centered and he noticed and encouraged the good sides and the potential of every person he met.

His illness was only partly a surprise to him, since an aunt and her daughter had both passed away due to stomach cancer already before the age of 60. Shortly after Bertil was diagnosed, he had surgery and was declared disease-free, but a year later a new tumor was discovered, this time close to the spinal cord and therefore inoperable. The last months of Bertil’s life were very demanding for him, but he still held his hope up – “Maybe I will be able to travel to Italy one last time!

A lung embolism ended his suffering. He passed away 75 years old, 15 months after his first tumor was discovered.

If our donation in memory of Bertil can contribute to the advancement of stomach cancer research, the loss of him will be a little bit easier to carry.” – Ulla Bystedt and family.